viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

Mail letting know that I came to NY 14 of october

Hi, there!!!
uff.. very long day and long trip.
I had no mishaps, everything was easy.
On the plane by my side was seating an old rabbi, who didn´t talk but was smiling all the time,
He was reading a huge book in
Hebrew, and text boxes looked like labyrinths , very strange
The policeman
in the customs, good fellow, asked me if I was famous as an artist, because the letter was saying that I was recognized
and it was rare that these custmo´s cops could treat you well.
The taxi was expensive, but no problem, the driver was one Pakistani man, very talkative.
It´s raining, but I found a very florian umbrella, it looks funny jahjahjah
Walking a lot in the NY and it looks like in the movies , jahjah.
Evrything is fine, I´m very excited, and I´ve already seen from a distance the building where KingKong climbed up.
This looks pretty good, I'm very close to this place, in very Manhattan.
Then I ate a hot dog, and it
disappointed me a lot, because it was a sausage and bread and ketchup and mustard only!
But I ´m looking forward to eat a better one.
It´s expensive, that´s the trouth
I went to the supermarket , first the girl didn´t understand me and sudenly began to talk in spanish, she was from Cuba or something. Now i´m going to have a rest.
THE GOOD THING begins tomorrow morning

I love all of you

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  1. hola diego, soy adriana, artista de argentina
    ...ademas de leer las anécdotas sobre hablar entre latinos en ny en ingles y demas, gracioso leerlas en ingles para otra latina! ja! que lindo lugar igual.